Tips For Successful Homework Time

In order to make the best out of your child’s study time, make sure you are prepared.  Follow the tips below to make sure your child makes the most out of homework time without spinning their wheels.

  • Make it a point to read through your child’s planner or visit their teacher’s website to make sure you are aware of the upcoming schedule for the week.  It helps to list assignment due dates on a calendar on your fridge so that every time you pass by the fridge, you are reminded of the upcoming assignment.  How many times has your child waited until the last minute to tell you that they have a project that is due the next day?
  • Set aside a special homework area that stays cleared off and is easily accessible.  My 12 year old has a desk in his room where he keeps his computer, extra school textbooks, pencils, glue, scissors, etc.  He also has a homework light so that he can see his work without straining his eyes since his bedroom ceiling light isn’t that bright.
  • Make sure you keep extra school supplies on hand.  For example, my son needs to have graph paper, fine point black sharpie markers, extra inkjet cartridges and copy paper for the printer.  There is nothing more irritating than running out of copy paper or inkjet cartridges right before bedtime.
  • Set a special homework schedule for your child after getting home from school.  I like my kids to relax a little and have a snack before starting in on their homework.  If you have after school activities, allow time to make sure you get your homework done.  My son has basketball practice twice a week, so we try to load up on homework the nights that he doesn’t have practice in order to stay on schedule and not fall behind.

Homework time will be less stressful for your child if they are organized and prepared.  Make sure you do your part to make sure that your child is as successful as possible.

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