5 Uses For Your Extra Halloween Candy

Are you still wondering what you are going to do with all that candy you will have on Halloween night?  Just imagine all the candy that you will receive while Trick-Or-Treating PLUS the candy that was left over from the candy you bought to hand out to your Trick-Or-Treaters.

This was the 5 year old’s Halloween Loot from last year.

Some years we weigh our candy when we get home and one year we had 30 pounds between the both of them!  Now, that is a lot of candy!  Since my son grew old enough to Trick-Or-Treat longer and pulled in more candy, I started finding things to do with our huge piles of Halloween candy

  • In order to save money on the amount of Trick-Or-Treat candy that you buy, have your children start their Trick-Or-Treating early.  After they have hit a street or two, bring them back home and empty their bags out into your Trick-Or-Treat candy that will be used for the other children.  This way you don’t have as much candy in your Halloween Buckets and you also won’t have to spend as much money preparing for your Trick-Or-Treaters.
  • Sort all the candy into piles by brand, for example, put all the Snicker’s, M& M’s, Butterfinger, etc. in one pile.  After the piles are made, use this candy to make treat bags for the kids in your children’s class.  Depending on what types of candy you choose, these treat bags – I use ziploc bags – will be great for Thanksgiving / Fall goodie bags.  Just make sure that you do not use candy that has Halloween wrapping on it since it will be used after Halloween is over.
  • Do you have a birthday party, celebration, family get together coming up?  If so, purchase a Pinata and save your Halloween candy to use in filling your Pinata.
  • Does your bank or a place of business that you frequent often give out candy to the customers?  If so, ask them if they’d like some of your Halloween candy to add to their candy supply.  My bank and hairdresser always like this offer:)
  • If you work outside the home, take the candy to work with you or send it to work with your significant other.

Both of these pinatas came from BirthdayInABox.com.  We used them for each of my boys’  birthday parties.

What do you do with your Halloween Loot?  Do you keep it all?  What are your plans for your extra Halloween candy this year?

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  1. I lovethe idea about using the candy to fill a birthday party pinata and of course the tip about having the kids start earlier to fill up the handout bowl. So creative!

    1. Thank you Midnight Mommy! I’m glad you liked my tips. There’s no reason to spend all that money on candy when you can reuse a little of it…LOL

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