We Took The Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Challenge

My son and I love hot chocolate, but hate the calories that come with it.  Last year I started trying different low calorie hot chocolate and we decided we’d take the hot chocolate challenge and find our favorite.  While testing the different types of hot chocolate, we mixed each cup with water instead of using milk and my son and I tested them all through the course of a few days.

After reading the labels of all the hot chocolate boxes in the store, we came home with

  • Nestle Fat Free – 20 Calories – 0 Fat
  • Swiss Miss – Sensible Sweets – No Sugar Added – 60 Calories – 1 Fat
  • Swiss Miss – Sensible Sweets – Diet – 25 Calories – 0 Fat

My least favorite is the Swiss Miss Diet because you have to constantly stir it in order to make sure that all the chocolate clumps dissolve.  Other than the stirring issues, we liked all three types of low calorie hot chocolate, but one of them did stand out among the rest……

and the winner of the Low Calorie Hot Chocolate Challenge was Nestle Fat Free – 20 Calorie Hot Chocolate!

 Do you drink hot chocolate with your kids on cool days?  Have you ever tried any of these kinds that we used in our hot chocolate challenge?  What is your favorite hot chocolate mix? 

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