Check Out Carlo’s View From The UK

These last few months, I have made several friends from the UK and am very interested in learning more about them and their everyday experiences.  Carlo from even went so far as to take these awesome pictures for me so I could see where he lives.   Let me introduce you to Carlo as he tells about each of these pictures:

Burgess Hill, a town in West Sussex is a very nice part of the UK. It is very well connected with London, the financial capital, so West Sussex is quite an affluent part of the UK. The town is quite small – we have the city centre with a few shops and of course a pub or two…

The lake picture was taken just 5 minutes from home. It’s where I take walking my labrador Pippa and she just cannot resist water.  Running out and about does her good because she loves her food …we keep her on a diet and measure out everything but she always manages to get her nose into the cats’ bowls.

Arundel Castle is one of the few castles in England to still belong to a Catholic aristocrat.  When Henry VIII cut ties with the church of Rome he also stripped all the catholic aristocratic families of their titles and lands, many of them were forced to go into hiding and ended up destitute.  Arundel Castle is still owned by the Earl of Arundel – not a bad home is it?

Do you often wonder about the lives of people that you meet online?  Ask them for a few pictures, I’m sure they’d be happy to help you “look into their world!”

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