Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen Appliances

I am always glad to see these cleaning guest posts in my inbox.  The only cleaning tips I know come in bottles of cleaner bought from the store, so I am thrilled to be able to share these great cleaning tips with you as they come in.  The following tips sound like they will work wonders in your kitchen – enjoy!

Guest Post:  Quickly Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is a haven for every housewife. You use that room for making food and dining, but it is also a place where you can drink a cup of coffee or enjoy the newspaper in the morning.  Of course, this means that you need to make a big effort to keep your kitchen clean and tidy.  One of the tasks that you have to deal with is cleaning the kitchen appliances.

How to Clean a Blender without Scrubbing

After using the appliance, pour the liquid or chopped fruits or vegetables, and do not spend much time wondering how to wash your blender.  Just fill up some water and put a few drops of liquid or other detergent for washing dishes.  Place the container in its place and press the button.  Beat the mixture (water and dish soap) for about 20-30 seconds and just rinse with warm water.  You will be surprised by the brilliant results.

Let’s Clean the Microwave Easily

You all know the power of steam, so it’s best to use it rationally, rather than rubbing to exhaustion.  If you want to easily clean the inside walls of the microwave, put a few pieces of damp paper towels.  Set the timer for 3-4 minutes.  Once the electrical appliance is off, just wipe the dried food.

How to Clean the Coffee Grinder without Water

In addition to grinding coffee, you sometimes use grinder to mill some of the fine herbs and seeds, which generally have very strong smell, but you do not want your coffee to smell like cumin, do you?   To avoid wetting the grinder (some of them cannot be washed), place a handful of raw rice and turn the machine on until beans are finely ground.   The rice absorbs heavy or bad odors, and in this particular case – the flavor of herbs, spices and other grains.

How to Refresh the Coffee Pot without Efforts

You know the pots for coffee which usually come with a coffeemaker, right?  So, they become very difficult to wash, when leaving them to stand for some time after using but not rinsing them.  And there’s a simple solution to this problem – put 5-6 ice cubes in the pot, add a few tablespoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of salt.  Shake the liquid in the pot well for about 1-2 minutes.  Empty and rinse.  The walls of  your coffee pot should be clean and shiny now.

Clean the Fridge Easily

In addition to eliminating the smell of burning, you can use vinegar for cleaning the refrigerator.  Wet a towel with water and vinegar.  Squeeze it and then clean all the surfaces inside the refrigerator.  No need to scrub.  Stains and odors disappear instantly.  And there is no unpleasant smell of detergents.  Similarly, you can proceed with bread box.  When glass and porcelain dishes lose their luster, again, you will need vinegar.  Combine water, vinegar and coffee (or water, salt and vinegar) and wash them.  Vinegar can clean utensils as well. Fill a container with warm water, pour a tablespoon of salt and vinegar, and let the utensils stay for 24 hours.  You will be amazed at their brilliance afterwards.  Head over to for more great cleaning tips.

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