Do Holiday Sweets Tempt You?

I look forward to holiday sweets every year.  What’s not to love about pecan pie, homemade blackberry cobbler, peanut butter fudge….my list could go on and on!  Every year, my diet goes out the door and makes room for all my favorites.  I enjoy myself while I am pigging out, but then I am always so upset at what I have done.  You know what they say, “A minute on the lips, equals a lifetime on the hips.”  Now if you gain weight quickly, it is much easier to get back off than weight that has “sat” there for a long period of time.  Make sure that you jump back to watching your food intake right after the holiday is over.

It is always so easy to tell yourself that Christmas will be here soon, and you should enjoy yourself until after Christmas is over, making that promise to watch your weight come January.  Weight loss is always a favorite New Year’s Resolution for so many people, but don’t wait around until January to start watching your weight.  Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and then work on getting any added pounds off quickly before the next holiday gets here.  Start writing down everything you eat during the day and posting it on the fridge.  Knowing that everyone can read what I have eaten all day always guilts me into jumping back on track by counting my Weight Watchers points.  Every year my jeans are too tight come mid December and I am so irritated with myself.  This year I am going to watch the amount of holiday sweets that I put in my mouth and make sure that I exercise at least 3 times a week.  Do you have a fitness plan for the holidays?  On average how much weight do you gain over the holidays?  What is your holiday food weakness?

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