Do You Use Your Dining Room?

Since my husband and I have been married, we have lived in Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas, where we live now.  We never had a dining room until we moved to Texas and then we had no dining room furniture for it.  We walked in our front door and passed that empty room for months until my husband couldn’t stand it any longer and he took me shopping for a dining room table, dining room chairs and a display case to complete the room.  We lived in that house for five years and when it came time to sell it, our Realtor staged our dining room as if we were waiting for guests for a party.  I loved the look that she created, but soon we moved into another house on the other side of town where our children would be able to attend the best schools our town could offer.

Now that we are in the “new” house, once again the dining room table, dining room chairs and display case are set up.  I still haven’t staged them for the party look like in the other home, but they do look very nice in our dining room.  It is one of the first things that you see once you walk in our front door.  I just wished that we used our dining room more, instead of just passing by it every time we come in the front door.

How often do you use your dining room?  If you didn’t have an actual room in your home for an extra dining room, would you miss your dining room?  If you could build a custom home, would you include a dining room in your plans or make another room in your house bigger?


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