Get Your Mess Under Control With Fast House Cleaning Rules

Do you ever need to be fast and get things done for that unexpected guest?  It never fails, my downstairs can be a disaster area and then I get that call……..”We’re coming over tonight, will 6 o’clock work?”  Does this ever happen to you?  If so, check out the following rules of fast house cleaning.

Rules of Fast House Cleaning

Do you usually spend the whole weekend cleaning the house?  It is time for you to join the club of smart housewives that spend just a few minutes a day on cleaning.  Modern times dictate new rules.  To be able to clean everywhere, you need to change your thinking and apply new methods for maintaining order and cleanliness.  Think about the reason why you spend so much time on cleaning and look for a way to reduce the time and efforts you put by following some rules.

Create a Plan

In order not to lose your days off for cleaning the house, you should make an action plan, divided into several “points”.  Each of them should contain tasks you are going to accomplish for about half an hour a day during the week.  Divide your tasks for each day: on Monday – wipe the dust, on Tuesday – clean the bathroom, and so on.  Do not leave all the work for the weekend.

Do Not Save Money at the Expense of Comfort

Each of you has its own budget and limits for maximum cost, but remember that when you pay for a multifunctional vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, you actually “buy” leisure.  Аgree that this is an excellent purchase.  That way, you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying with your friends and family.

Start Throwing Away

If you are one of those people, who do not throw anything away, even if it is beyond repair, its value is lost or you no longer need it, then accept the new rule: You must get rid of those items that you have not used during the last year.  This rule applies to clothes, appliances, utensils and anything else.

Replace the Old with New

Accept the fact that some things like doormats or your baking pans should be replaced one day because they will never be completely clean.  And that’s okay!  Feel free to use them until the end, then, without regret, replace them with new ones.

Use Boxes

For maximum utilization of all existing shelves and cabinets, use boxes.  Thus, even the shelves will look tidy because you will not see what’s inside the boxes.  If you do not want to spend money on boxes, you can easily make them yourself.  Just grab the right size box and decorate it with colored paper, wallpaper or anything other of your choice.   Dusting will be easier because you will not have to move hundreds of objects to wipe the shelves – they will be carefully stored in the boxes.

Do Not Get Distracted

Cleaning is certainly not one of your favorite activities, but when you do it, however, focus on it.  Because if you start dreaming about something while doing housework, you won’t be able to finish any of the tasks.  This will only create you more troubles and the cleaning will last longer.   Whatever you do, do not forget – it is important that you feel satisfied and happy with the results.  However, there is more enjoyable and rewarding things you can do instead of cleaning.  Pay enough attention to it, but not more than necessary.

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  1. i actually just saw (and reposted) a very good plan on FB. two simple steps – drink wine and spray everything with febreeze! hmmmmmmmmmmmm it could work! lol lol

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