Guest Post: Spice Up Your Living Room

The best way to bring new energy into your home is to spice up your living room. After all, isn’t that where you and your family spend the most of your time? Because it’s the space that gets the most use, it’s also where your furniture takes a tough beating, from juice spills to misplaced Cheetos in the cushions, to chipped and dented armchairs and tables. So it’s easy to justify changing it up, and it doesn’t need to cost you a lot.

As your family grows up, their needs will change. While a spill-treated couch might have been prudent during the toddler and early childhood years, it’s not as necessary when your youngest has a cellphone of their own that isn’t a toy from the grocery store checkout. Comfort becomes more of a concern, along with individuality. You want to feature pieces that are unique and express your own tastes. From rustic, non-prefabricated oak end tables to bean bag chairs that employ the latest materials for wrap-around support and comfort, consumers today have the world’s marketplaces at their disposal.

The Internet makes window-shopping and ordering easy, and shipping to your door a breeze. Additionally, you can compare and contrast different stores, and just what makes each product unique, and thus, find the perfect fit for your room and your life.
With the focus now on individuality in design, each member of your family can have their own space that is uniquely made for them and their interests. Recliners for the folks who just want to get off their feet after work, while watching tv after dinner. Oversized bean bags and cushions for lounging teens and tweens who are looking to chill while playing video games or gabbing on the phone. With the wide variety of colors and patterns freely available in your local area and online, you can mix and match pieces to make an overall complementary look.

Thrift shops are great for finding hidden gems, but don’t discount your own skills. Many websites are out there, such as IKEA Hackers and Instructables, that collect illustrated and concise how-to guides on how to modify and create your own furniture and lighting from existing pieces. The world is yours to explore in your home; it’s up to you to take the dive and discover its wonders!

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