Guest Post: Trending in Music

Trending in Music

Music, as with anything else, is subject to a variety of different trends. Trends pop up in music each and every year, and are sometimes so prominent that they practically take control of the entire industry. One of the biggest current trends in the music industry is electronic/dub music. People of all ages (although mostly young people) are travelling the globe to see their favorite DJ and electronic music artists perform, and those involved in the craze are making money hand over foot. There’s a lot to learn about this trend, as well as the impact that it’s having on the rest of the music industry.

What Is Electronic Music?

To put it simply, electronic music is that which utilizes synthesizers and artificial sounds for orchestration. Typically, the music follows a beat, which can either be blindingly fast or exceptionally slow depending upon the sub-genre. Trance, for example, tends to be based on a rather high beat per minute, while trip-hop and other sub-genres stick to a slower pace. While electronic music as a genre is indeed saturated with DJs, there are a variety of live bands that fit into this realm as well.

What Impact is Electronic Music Having on the Music Industry?

While electronic music is a successful genre in its own right, it is also having a dramatic impact on the rest of the music industry. Elements of electronica have popped into rock and pop, for example, with 4-to-the-floor drum beats dominating the radio at the moment. Electronica has also been very good for DJs and others who tend to look to computers in order to create music, and modern technology has made it so that practically anyone with a laptop and a good ear can record a great electronic album.

What is the Future of Electronic Music?

With electronic music being so popular at the moment, it’s safe to say that the genre isn’t going away anytime soon. Electronic music festivals across the globe attract hundreds of thousands of people, and the genre has shown potential to cross over into popular music in more ways than one. There are music labels scattered throughout the globe that focus primarily on electronic music, and DJs continue to sell out venues in practically every city in the world. While electronic music may reach a popularity peak at some point in the near future, it’s doubtful that it will ever truly disappear.

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