Have You Ever Tried These Low Calorie Foods?

Since I watch my weight counting Weight Watchers Points, I always check for Calories, Fat and Fiber content in the foods I choose.  Here are a few new foods that I tried this week from the local grocery.

This was a new find from Kroger, nutritionally it was right up my alley, but the first time I tried these flatbread sandwiches I decided that I would eat the rest of the package, but wouldn’t purchase them again.  Today I ate the last sandwich and have to admit that they are starting to grow on me, but I think I’ll go back to my Smart Ones English Muffin Sandwiches.

The Special K cracker chips, can be thought of as thick chips and taste great.  My kids both eat these with me, so I buy multiple boxes of them so we don’t run out.

I love these, they are the Tomato & Basil Pizza burgers.  I like to eat these for lunch with a little ketchup and a slice of bread torn in half which acts as my bun when I am running low on allowed points.  They are very easy to throw in the microwave and they are definitely staying on my grocery list.

These are my newest “Favorite” low cal snack.  I reviewed them and now am hooked.  Their site says they can be found at Trader Joe’s and Walmart in Texas so I will be headed there shortly.  There is a giveaway that runs through 11/16/12 if you’d like to enter:  https://www.blogwithmom.com/2012/10/almondina-biscuits-healthy-great-tasting/

Have you found great low calorie foods that you enjoy?  If so, what are they?  I’d love to give them a try!

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