Have You Ever Worn Havaianas?

Have you ever worn any Havaianas flip flops?  Did you know that they also offer shoes too?  They have rainboots, sneakers, slip on shoes called Espadreilles and they even have a bridal collection!  I have heard about these flip flops but have never had a pair myself.  My son takes showers at school after his basketball class and he needs a pair of flip flops for the shower, so we have been online searching for some fun flip flops for him to use in the school showers.  US.Havaianas.com has kid sizes but it looks as if my 12 year old is done shopping in the kids department since the kids flip flops do not run large enough for him.  My 6  year old however, would be in heaven on this site.  They have football, superheros, cars, transformers and other eye catching designs for kids.

While browsing this site, I saw that you can also make your own Havaianas.  How fun is that?  I think that would make a great gift.  I noticed that Havaianas offers gift cards that can be purchased online.  I do not care what the weather is, I wear my flip flops on a daily basis, whether it is to get the mail, run the trash out or to make a quick run to the grocery.  Every Christmas I have people on my gift list that I have no idea what to get them.  I think it would be a good idea to buy a few of these gift cards and my “picky” recipients can design their own flip flops.  That way they can get exactly what they like and I don’t have to worry about them returning my gifts this year.

Havaianas also has their 2013 new arrivals listed on their site as well.  Make sure you have a look, there are many new prints and styles that I’m sure will catch your eye.  I love to wear “wild” flip flops in the summer and neutral, calm flip flops during the rest of the year.  They have animal prints, metallic, and styles for every season that caught my attention.  There were so many styles / colors to choose from that I didn’t have time to check them all out, but I did see a style that I think my husband would like.  They are called urban premium flip flops and come in three different styles.  They have rubber soles and leather straps.  My foot is close enough in size to his that I can wear his flip flops too, so I have to make sure and get him ones that I like too!

Do you wear any of your family members shoes while at the house?  Do they realize you are “sharing” them?  Don’t worry, I won’t tell!


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