Is There A Vacation In Your Holiday Plans

Have you ever taken a vacation over the holidays?  I don’t mean going to visit family, but really going on vacation away from home during the holidays.  One year my husband and I went to Disney for Christmas.  I carried along our gifts and even our stockings.  Even though Disney was fun, it was a little depressing waking up on Christmas Day in a motel and not in your own home full of Christmas decorations.  We exchanged gifts, checked out our Santa Stockings and left for breakfast.  There was tons of Christmas wrapping paper and boxes in all the trash cans running on the outside of the hotel.  I’m glad we took this vacation before we had kids, I can’t imagine what our hotel trash cans would look like with so many boxes and shredded wrapping paper.

Christmas is definitely meant to be spent with family while your kids are around.  My husband and I often talk about the vacations we would like to take in the future, once the kids are grown.  Maybe we can try another holiday vacation if our kids are not able to visit us one year once they have grown up and left the house.  I would like to take a vacation outside the US, maybe we could spend the holidays in Majorca or maybe even take a cruise.  For now our vacations consist of visiting family, Disney, theme parks and San Antonio.

What is your favorite vacation spot?  What is the most exotic vacation you have ever taken?  If you could vacation anywhere at anytime, where would you choose to go?


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