Controlling Your Online Addiction While On Vacation

If you are as addicted to the internet as I am, then you have the same problem as I do when it comes to leaving the house for vacation.  My dad has a computer, but still works off a dial up service that costs $4.95 per month.  To me, this is about as good as having no online access at all since I am so spoiled with my home wireless connection.  His Bell South dial up connection is so slow that you can turn on the internet, and even take a quick shower before connecting to your favorite website.  With this being said, I have an internet on the go card that I use with my computer when I visit him.  This allows me to connect my laptop to the internet and have a speedy connection while sitting in his kitchen or even on his couch and he loves that…LOL!!  Actually he hates that and made a remark that all electronics should be left at the front door.  If that is the case, I guess I’ll be visiting from the entrance way while I am at his house.

I use the internet in my everyday life to pay bills, check banking balances, check my kids grades, run my blog, advertise my blogger site, earn money through advertising, read reviews, shop online and more.  If I were hanging out on Facebook while at his house, that would be different, but my blog can’t run if I am not online.  I know my dad was probably irritated by the noise of the constant tapping of my keyboard while we were watching television, but at least I was in the same room visiting with everyone and not sitting in the front entrance way by myself due to their electronics rule.  My dad bit his tongue until the last hour of my visit where he gave me the spill about how society is headed in the wrong direction.  He truly believes that upcoming generations will not possess any social skills because they no longer socialize with anyone in person, only through text, online chat and social networks.  He even warned me about the people who were obsessed with gaming and died because they didn’t eat, sleep or leave their gaming for bathroom breaks.  After reading about this online, I think I will be ok since I will NOT give up food and I really don’t like to play online games.  What do you think?

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