Quick and Easy Fixes For Dull, Lifeless Locks

 Enjoy the following guest post, Quick and Easy Fixes For Dull, Lifeless Locks.  Being this time of year, I think everyone could use a few extra hair tips.

The daily grind can start to take its toll on your hair.  Is your hair looking lifeless and dull?  You don’t have to make every day a bad hair day, if you have these products.  By giving your hair a little TLC, you can resurrect your light-catching locks and look fabulous, even if you’re feeling under the weather.

Sure, you’ve heard about exfoliating your skin, but what about your scalp?  Manage oil production and battle dead skin cells by using a gentle sugar scrub.  Your roots will feel soft and fresh. Before you shampoo, massage Bain de Terre’s Sugar and Fig scrub into your scalp and rinse out.

Don’t Over-Condition
Heavy-duty conditioners can make your hair appear heavy and dull.  Use a lightweight formula that’s gentle to your locks like Charles Worthington London’s Well Balance conditioner.  Washing your hair too frequently strips out the natural oils in your locks.  At most, shampoo and condition 2 – 3 times a week.  Don’t attack your hair with a towel; gently pat instead of rubbing as drying violently can cause horrendous damage.

There are certain sprays and serums that you can use to give your hair that glossy finish.  Products which contain silicone will add a light spritz of shine, which means they won’t weigh-down your locks.  This is particularly important for women with fine hair, so choose a weightless spritzer like Smooth ‘N Shine Instant Repair Spray-On Polisher.

Over-styling your hair can lead to lots of problems, including dullness.  Use a cleanser on your hair once a week to remove any product build-up, like Suave Basics’ daily clarifying shampoo, which leaves your tresses shimmering and thick.

Hold Your Color
To give your hair that extra, shining oomph, try coloring it.  Although dyeing your hair does damage the follicles, for dull locks, a lot of color can be a life-saver.  Turn heads with a vibrant shade and use dyeing products that are low on chemicals, but high in natural components.  If you’re daring enough to opt for a shocking shade, try La Riche or Manic Panic hair dyes, and bleach out your natural color first.

Using chemical based dyes?  Use Davines’ Glorifying Elixir Anti Age to protect your follicles from free radicals and strengthen your hair with omega-6 enzymes.  To pinch a few pennies, contact hairdressing wholesalers and buy your products in bulk.

Thicken Your Hair
Toppik’s Hair Building Fibers is a product which works effectively to reduce the appearance of hair loss.  Popular in the entertainment industry, this product will give you a fuller style.  If you’re looking to stimulate hair growth, apply Women’s Rogaine.  Korres’ Hair and Scalp Scrub keeps your hair follicles healthy and promotes good circulation in your scalp.

Are those grey hairs beginning to sprout?  Avon’s Advance Techniques Grey Root Touch-Up looks just like a tube of mascara and works by coloring those tell-tale grey roots that are beginning to grow.

This post was written by Gail, a fashion blogger on behalf of Salons Direct.

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