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 I was given a $50 gift code from so that I could check out a few of their items for myself.  After browsing the women’s section, I selected a long sleeve denim shirt and a hooded pull over sweatshirt.  I was able to easily shop and check out using their shopping cart and my order arrived at my house within the same week that I had ordered it.  I loved the hooded pull over sweatshirt, it was the perfect texture, a great color and very comfortable, but the sleeves were not long enough for me.  I am 5′ 7.5 and I have to wear tall sizes, so this was no surprise  but my step mother LOVED the shirt, so guess who ended up with it?  You got it, I visited her for Thanksgiving and had to leave her my new shirt.  I didn’t really know what to get her, but she asked me to get her more of those shirts so I am going to get her one of every color.

Right now they have free shipping through Dec. 24, 2012 and also have a 10% off holiday promotion coupon on their site.  Their prices were great, I was able to get both shirts for under $25 each.  Here’s a picture of my hooded sweatshirt as I had to leave it behind.  My step mom had it on a hanger and in her closet before I knew what had happened.  She loved the shirt, asked to try it on and that’s all she wrote!

The picture isn’t great, but I had to dig it out of her closet to get a picture for you!

Here’s a pic from their site of the denim shirt that I chose.  It is a comfortable fit and a nice texture and my step mother is NOT getting it, this one is mine!

Remember, be sure to check them out at since they are offering free shipping on all orders through December 24th and also running a 10% holiday promotion coupon on their site.

114 thoughts on “Shop ClothingShopOnline For Deals”

  1. I would probably choose something from the women’s hooded sweatshirt category. Its getting chilly down here in New England! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. ashlee lewis walls

    I would use the gift code for my mother she just retired and could use some new non work clothes

  3. I would use it for gifting MYSELF with a new winter coat! LOL Everyone else in the fam is running around with high-end pricey good coats, what do I get? Salvation Army picks….ya, MYSELF would spend this.

  4. I would most likey order my bf something. He does not have much and could use something new. Thanks

  5. I would use it on gifts 🙂 My mother could use a decent outwear. Personally, I am drawn to the sweaters they have. I would love one for myself and get cozy in this cold weather!

  6. I would buy a few new things for myself. I’ve lost 60 pounds and everything I have doesn’t fit anymore.

  7. I would use it for Christmas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  8. For the prices I saw I could get something for my entire set of grand kids and maybe something for me

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