Spice Up Your Leftover Turkey

After Thanksgiving Day, we always have lots of leftover turkey.  In order to keep my family from growing tired of leftovers, I like to use the leftover turkey in different ways.

  • My favorite, quick way to serve turkey leftovers is to serve it like sandwiches in the self rising cooked rolls.  We like to use the Rhodes Dinner Rolls.
  • My husband likes to cut up the turkey and stir it into a bowl of Cream of Chicken Soup.
  • When I have more time to spend on our meal, my family LOVES Turkey Spaghetti
  • I found Thanksgiving leftover recipes on FoodNetwork
  • I found Turkey leftover recipes on AllRecipes
  • I found the top 10 turkey leftover recipes on Taste of Home

What do you do with your Thanksgiving  turkey leftovers?  Do you end up using all your turkey or does your family grow tired of it before they have a chance to eat it all?

Photo Credit:  food.thefuntimesguide.com


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