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Have you ever played with Tangrams?  If not, I would highly recommend getting a set for your family.  I taught 5th grade and loved to use them in my classroom and even at home in a Tangram face off with my husband.  A Tangram is a set of 7 pieces that fit together to make a rectangle.  Each of these pieces is used in making different shapes which you try to “copy” while looking at the Tangram puzzle which is seen as a solid black figure on a card.  The figures look easy, but all 7 peices must be used in completing your puzzle and that can get tricky.  My oldest son and I used to work a few Tangram puzzles before school over breakfast and have had many versions of Tangram puzzles.


My youngest is 6 and has never been properly introduced to Tangrams since it has been awhile since my oldest son and I have played.  CarsonDellosa.com offered me a set of their Guiness World Records Tangrams to review and I thought that set would be great for teaching my youngest to play.  We received the cards and he had lots of fun looking through the different cards and all of the World Records that had been broken and displayed in the form of a Tangram Puzzle.  The first time he played he was very aggravated with the rules, so we decided we’d ease into this and let him use whichever pieces he wanted and forget about the rule of using all the pieces in order to complete the puzzle.  I checked the age level of this set and it said 7 & up, so it is a little hard for the 6 year old, but great for me and anyone who is up to the challenge!  This game comes with four sets of Tangrams – the more the merrier!

This game really gets you thinking and can be very addictive.  I have given it for Christmas gifts before and still love the idea of it.  This game comes with great durable Tangram puzzle cards, but the shapes are not as durable.  If you become a Tangram Addict, you will need to invest in the plastic Tangrams that will be around for as long as you have your game.  It never hurts to have a few spare sets of Tangrams in case you should lose a piece of your puzzle of have multiple players who want to join in on all the fun!  The products shown in this review are available at carsondellosa.com or at a participating retailer.”

CarsonDellosa.com is always generous and is offering a giveaway for a set of their Guiness World Record Tangram Sets.  Make sure you enter this giveaway, this is a great game to have around the house.  Winners must be from the US and be at least 18 year old.  Good luck!
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