Tips For Organizing Your Child’s Room

Just what I need, another cleaning guest post came in today and it is written on organizing kids rooms.  I have recently cleaned out our game room to make room for a pool table and all the toys had to go into the kids rooms.  Talk about a mess – you can only imagine….

Guest Post:  Organizing Kid’s Rooms

 We don’t need to mention how many times you must have felt utterly frustrated by your child’s lack of desire to clean and organize their room right?  Well that is something you can’t always help, however there are ways you can help maintain some order where they live and sleep.  You can use certain times of the year to help them feel motivated about cleaning such as birthdays, Christmas or any other important event.

We have prepared some tips for you on how to make this a much easier task:

1.  Point of view

This is important since your kids are shorter than you – try to look at their environment from their perspective by lowering yourself to your height and consider what is safe for them and what is comfortable when they’re trying to reach something.  If you do this you’ll have a much better idea how to organize things so your child can use everything accordingly.

2.  Ask your child as well

This is a great way of keeping things relevant since your child will give you the most accurate answers and if you get them involved in the organization process they will slowly, but surely get used to keeping their room clean and clutter-free if they are taught from an early age.  Of course not all children are the same, so don’t expect absolute results or your kid agreeing to everything you say.

3.  Sorting and storing

The thing about child rooms is that they are often small and lack good enough space for storage.  The best way to go about this is to sort out things you need and you don’t need such as clothes and other similar items can be itemized in their own bins and things you believe are simply crowding the room could easily go to the basement or attic, safely out of the way until you need them.

4.  Use containers

This a great way to control the amount of loose or small items, toys and everything else in you child’s room.  You can use anything from shoebox containers to plastic bins and while doing this remember to label everything so you and your child will have a clear idea what goes where.   This will let you exercise more control on what your kids are playing with.  You can lay down some rules like only playing with a set of toys if the other is safely in its box to avoid losing parts and creating havoc.

5.  Labeling

This is a very important step in keeping things in order.  You can either buy stickers from dollar stores or their equivalents around the world or by simply printing out some labels with a good printer.  You can print out in strange and outlandish colors and fonts to create a sense of something special and you can also create “themes” for every set of toys or with something your child likes associating themselves with.  You can have them do a “pickup” at certain times of the day like before going to bed so they can slowly, but surely learn how to keep things organized and orderly when they’re done playing.

Feel like you could use a few more organizing tips, check out

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