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I have to say that I have been very curious about the Tungsten World jewelry.  I have seen their ads displaying everywhere online and have found myself browsing their site to check out their products.  I have been wanting to buy a wedding band for my husband because he went on a major diet and lost so much weight that his wedding ring is now way too big for his finger.   We have been married for over 17 years and it is still very important to me that we both wear our rings. Before we were married, we chose a very nice ring for my husband and once we had children, his ring went missing.  We bought another wedding ring and when our youngest was about three, the second ring went missing as well.  At that point, we bought a cheap ring and figured that would be our best bet in case the cycle of missing rings came around again.  Now that our kids have grown out of the “hiding” stage, it is time for my husband to sport a stylish wedding band again.

I was thrilled when TungstenWorld.com contacted me to do a review of their new ultra-tough “NITRO” wedding band.  They said these rings will NOT scratch and they also come along with a shine and luster like never before.  Since my husband’s wedding band is full of scratches, this definitely sounded like the ring for my husband Michael.  I contacted Tungsten World and soon received a ring sizer so that we could find the exact fit for my husband.  The sizer was easy to use and within days I had a tracking number and found the new Nitro wedding band all packaged up inside my mailbox!
Tungsten sent me the Nitro wedding band in a gift box, with a cleaning cloth, a gift bag and even the flashy gift paper to make the package complete.  I was so excited about the ring, I know I was all smiles when I gave it to my husband.  He liked the look of it and immediately traded it out for his old gold one and continued to wear it the next day.  He said the comfort fit band was truly a very comfortable band.  It is rounded around the edges which makes it easier to take off and put back on.   The Comfort Fit of tungsten rings is a little bit thicker than normal bands, but my husband says it definitely has the comfort factor.  This is a huge compliment from my husband because he is definitely a strict reviewer of products.  If he doesn’t like a product after wearing it for a few minutes, he will take it off or stop using it entirely and very seldom gives products a second chance.  Congrats Tungsten, your Nitro wedding band received approval of my husband, the engineer!
Now that Nitro has met my husband’s standards, here are some up close images that Tungsten World provided for me to share with you.
NITRO HQ vertical image.jpg
 I had been shopping around for titanium rings since I thought they were the most durable, but I am glad that we found tungsten instead.  Check out the following hardness scale.  It looks like tungsten has titanium beat in hardness!
Michael is still on his diet and it is possible that his finger could get a little smaller than it is now.  We expressed this concern to Tungsten World and they offered to exchange the ring for a smaller fit and also told me about their unbelievable lifetime replacement program.  Since tungsten is such a hard material, it cannot be resized, so they offer a lifetime replacement program where you can trade it in for a new ring should you need a different size in the future.  I would much rather pay a small fee and be able to receive a completely new ring in a different size than I would to have the “old” ring resized and sent back to me.  If you purchase a tungsten product, make sure you purchase it directly from Tungsten World so that you will be covered under their warranties:  45 day perfect fit policy, lifetime sizing and lifetime warrantee.   Since we didn’t know about the replacement program, my husband had decided that if he were to need a new ring size in the future, he’d just buy a new ring from Tungsten World since he is so happy with the Nitro wedding band, but now we plan to use the replacement program if this ring becomes too small.  If my review doesn’t convince you to look into Tungsten World, then I know this write up will:  Ring of Thankfulness.  Did you read how the Tungsten Band saved her husband’s finger from being smashed?
I have to say that Tungsten’s customer service was great to work with throughout my whole transaction, from sizing to shipping and then offering to exchange for another size if needed.  Knowing that my husband is happy with his new ring, makes me very happy, but also very curious.  Christmas is coming up and I think that I need to experience the feel of Tungsten World jewelry as well.   I love how their jewelry is marked with “Tungsten Forever” and believe that I need to experience one of their tungsten carbide bracelets.  Michael, if you are reading this, my favorite is the “Alexandria,” ……..  Hint, Hint.

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  1. Oh, that doesn’t look good that his rings were stolen both times. He better start wearing his ring more often. I hope the thieves leave them alone in the future.

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