Do Your Rugs Need Professionally Cleaned?

I have a beautiful rug in my living room that we bought when we first moved in our current home.  I am a fan of carpet and did not want to buy a home with hardwood flooring but I fell in love with our home the minute I stepped inside.  Once I stepped onto the back patio, I knew that I HAD to have this home, even though it had wood floors in the living area.  I love rugs and carpet because I can remember having so much fun laying on the carpet and playing games as a child.  Who wants to lay on hardwood flooring and play games?  My husband loves the floors so he didn’t want to replace them with carpet, so he bought me a very nice throw run instead.  It is almost the size of the whole living room so the kids and I can play games and be happy watching tv from the floor anytime we want.

Here’s the bad part about my nice throw rug.  It is so nice, that it has to be professionally cleaned, which is not what I was looking for in terms of upkeep.  Our kids are fans of chocolate milk and grape kool-aid which are not very carpet friendly drinks.  If you’ve had them spill on your floor and sit for awhile, you will agree that the clean up is not an easy chore, especially with a rug that has to be professionally cleaned.  Luckily I was able to find a local carpet cleaning service that will come to my home and take care of my rug when it is time for a cleaning.  The guy who cleans my carpet saw that I wrote a blog and stayed online most of the time.  He said that he used to work in Brooklyn and if I were to search “rug cleaning brooklyn” that I would be able to find his last employer should I need any references.  He does a great  job on my rug and last time he came I even had him clean the upstairs carpets.  Even though I use my personal steam cleaner on our carpets, the professional carpet cleaners make a HUGE difference.  If you are having family and friends over for the holidays, you may want to price out a few professional rug cleaners in your area.  You never know, you may find a holiday special on their services.

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