Our Favorite Family Christmas Desserts

Every year, my family looks forward to the many sweets that fill the kitchen over Christmas.  Today I am making my dessert list and thought I’d share it with you.  There’s nothing worse than the kids wanting to make a special desert which sends me to the store time and time again, so this year I am going to be prepared:)

My husbands birthday is Dec. 24 and I am making him a Chocolate Torte

We like to give the neighbors peanut butter fudge and small sugar cookies that are quick and easy to make

My husband likes the peanut butter fudge that is made with marshmallow creme

The kids and I love to spend time together making and decorating cookie cutter Christmas Sugar Cookies with buttercream icing

The 6 year old loves regular, vanilla cupcakes with colored icing

My husband has suggested Pineapple Upside Down cake, so I’m going to be prepared for this too!

Now that I have all this planned, I just need to write down all the ingredients and make a trip to the store.  Now you can see why I always complain about my yearly holiday weight gain…..why not?  It’s Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone,

Bobbie Anne

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    1. That is SO true Jim. Sweets look great spread out over the table and bring about joy and excitement. I love making sweets with my family, it is a tradition that I truly cherish.

      Bobbie Anne

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