Guest Post: Hide Gifts In Storage

Today I received the following guest post in my email and thought I’d share it with you – enjoy:)

Playing Santa Next Year Made Easier For Moms

Every Holiday Season, moms face numerous battles.  If getting everything on your kid’s wish lists and battling the shopping crowds isn’t enough to reap havoc on your mental health, than trying to find good hiding places around the house for those gifts will.  Kids will be kids. They will hunt the home in search of wrapped treasures and either peak inside the gift-wrap, or decipher what is inside based on the object’s weight and size.  But did you know the holidays and Self Storage Industry go together like eggnog and mistletoe?  Taking advantage of a storage locker around the Holiday Season will not only alleviate much stress during what is typically a taxing time, but it will ensure your kids have a truly exciting time filled with delightful surprise.

Putting the “Ho Ho Ho” in Hot Deals

Most self-storage facilities will offer good deals around the holiday season.  Since your need for the storage space is typically one or two months, public storage businesses will try to offer great incentives in the hopes to earn more permanent future business from clients.  But is it really worth it to pay for storage space when you have an attic or a basement?  In an article published by Red Beacon, the author advises such a practice.  The article states that when you have a great number of gifts to stow and your home is full of kids on the prowl, a storage unit is the ideal solution.  The author suggests finding a storage unit that is in a location convenient to the area you shop in, so you can drop the goods off before even returning home.  Another option would be to find one near your home.  That way you can wrap the gifts in the storage unit (most are clean and well-lit) right before taking them home to put under the tree.

What about Attics and Basements?

These are common spots for hiding gifts, and your kids know it.  There are some potential problems that could arise from storing gifts in these places.  For starters, if your kids are anything like my brother and I were when we were children, we took on the semblance of Indiana Jones and left no rock unturned to find out sacred treasures.  The scarier the attic or spookier the basement was, the more noble our crusade.  Children often get hurt rummaging around in these poorly-lit, dank and dusty places (my brother cut himself on a board). By storing their gifts outside the home, you may be saving yourself a trip to the ER for a tetanus shot.

You may also want to consider those larger gifts that are more cumbersome to move up and down basement stairs, and that are easier for kids to find, such as bicycles, playhouses, gaming systems or pedal cars.  Renting an inexpensive storage unit will not only make for easy transportation, but it will leave your little explorers scratching their heads in wonderment when the come up empty-handed.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

We have all heard this expression, and although it is highly unlikely your curious little tyke will have a fatal stumble down the basement stairs, you can definitely kill their desire for learning what they have under the tree by storing the gifts at a storage unit (out of sight, out of mind).  Perhaps when next year comes around, the “curiosity bug” will have been squashed by your ingenious decision to store their gifts away from prowling little hands and investigative eyes.

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