How Do You Pay For Christmas Gifts?

How do you pay for Christmas gifts?  Do you use layaway plans, saved up cash, or credit cards?  I like to use one main credit card for our purchases so that I can easily track everything that we spend over the holidays.  It is nice to see it all listed on my credit card statement.  With that being said, once the statement comes in, I like to try to pay it off as soon as I can in order to not incur all the interest charges that can pile up.  Stores like Target can track your purchases if you can show them which card you used when you bought your item.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve went to return items and can’t find the receipt.  My purse is a never ending bag of junk that I use for everything!  I just cleaned it out last weekend, but in a few weeks it will be full again.  I try to store all my receipts in one my purse zipper pocket, but sometimes I am in a hurry at the register and just add it to my “junk” pile and then it gets “eaten!”

If you use credit cards for your holiday purchases, do you try to clear them off first so they will only contain holiday purchases?  Do you choose which credit card you want to use by the perks they offer or by the interest rates or credit lines?  There are many bank websites like this one that offer credit cards with introductory balance transfers.  I like to transfer balances from my high interest rate credit cards when it will save me money in high interest charges while I work on paying off that credit card balance.  I know there are many people who do not use credit cards, but my family depends on them as we like to carry minimum cash and charge our purchases instead.  How do you track your holiday spending?  How do you keep up with all those receipts?

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