iPhone 5’s Chargers NOT Compatible With iPhone 4 Chargers

I finally broke down and took the iPhone 5 plunge.  I loved my Droid, but I was starting to have too many issues with it.  It was dropping important calls throughout the day and it wasn’t picking up any text that my son was sending me.  My husband has been an iPhone fan for awhile and I have to say that his pictures and videos always looked better than the ones that were made with my Droid.   Now that I have the iPhone, I really like it but none of my old chargers or phone cases will work with my new phone.  Chargers are definitely a problem for us, we lose way too many of them and I am always searching for them.  My son and I used to have a stockpile of them that fit both our phones and my husband had his own charger for his iPhone 4.

Now we all have iPhone 5’s and have no use for our current chargers:(  Who would have thought that Apple would change their chargers for the iPhone 5?  Apple does sell adapters, but they are expensive and so are their new charger cords for iPhone 5.  We bought an adapter, and I didn’t care for it.  It is small, easy to lose and just irritating. I believe it is best to buy all new iPhone 5 charger cords and use the iPhone 4 chargers for your iPads or older model iPods.  Since I had some money stored on an Amazon gift card, I thought I’d order a few charger cords and use them for stocking stuffers.  I am so glad I did, because I found iPhone charger cords for under $5!!!  I couldn’t believe that price, my husband paid around $20 for his charger cord from the Apple store in the mall.  I never though to check Amazon’s prices!

I bought car chargers, charging cords and a standing cell phone dock, which I don’t suggest since you have to take your cell phone cover off in order to use it.  Since you can disconnect the wall plug from the charging cords, it makes it so easy to charge your phone from your computer, so I think at these prices, I need to have a few more that can stay in my computer bag in case I need a charge and am not around an outlet.

As far as the iPhone cell phone case, I didn’t want to get the bulky, box type cases like I see on most iPhones.  I had reveiwed iPhone 4 cases from Speck Products awhile back, and decided that I’d like to try one of those.  I ordered a grape colored one and love it because I can always spot it quickly with that bright color and there’s no way my son or husband will mistake this for their phone….LOL

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