My Husband Lost 40 Pounds In 2 Months!

My  husband started a major diet 2 months ago and he has lost 40 pounds!  This is just nuts!  The picture of him in this post is before his diet started.  He took us night fishing and he is showing off his catch while my son takes his picture.

Back to the HUGE weight loss….I count points on Weight Watchers and work out three days a week at the gym and am lucky to lose 2 pounds a week.  He paid for a diet program where he follows their diet, eats their snacks, drinks their energy drinks and also takes their supplements.  I have looked at the nutritional info on his snacks and they always contain soy.  I have also tried to calculate how many Weight Watchers points he must be eating and have decided that he is eating the minimum recommended amount of points.  His diet is definitely working, there is no doubt about that, but he is hardly eating, goes to bed hungry most of the time and eats the same foods over and over in very small quantities.  He dress shirt size has went from 17 1/2  to 16 and his pants that he was wearing before his diet will now fall right off his hips and onto the ground if he were to wear them!

I have never even thought about taking supplements until seeing the results from my husband’s diet program.  After reading some of the threads on a few forums, I have learned more about the supplements my husband is taking each day.  He is telling me that I should start taking the fish oil capsules with him, but I want to read more about them before I start putting them into my daily regimen.  Do you take supplements?  If so, which ones do you take?  Face it, the supplements have to be playing a major role in his diet because 40 pounds in 2 months is just nuts!  I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it.  Every morning he stands on the scale and records his weight loss and every Monday he visits the diet center and they measure him and record his results.  Can you believe it, 40 pounds and he is still going…….

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  1. Men lose weight so much more easily then women——that unfortunately is a fact of life! I’ve lost about 45 pounds in a relatively short period of time but would not recommend what I did–I lost 35 of it just before I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes!! Now that I have changed my eating habits totally the weight loss is slower–a lot slower!! But it is still coming off!! As for supplements – no I do not take them–am allergic to shell fish so fish oil is out for me–but it is very good for you! Keep up the good work–both of you!!

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