Does Your Husband Watch Football?

I always have a hard time selecting the right Christmas gift for my husband.  He doesn’t want to receive the items that I feel that he really needs like dress shirts for work, extra socks, underwear or a new pair of sunglasses for his drive to work.  He wants something fun and exciting, just like the kids.  Do you have a hard time shopping  for your husband?  My husband has about given up on getting any gifts that he would consider “fun” from me, but this year he will be in for a huge surprise!  He loves to watch the Houston Texans play football and started buying Houston Texans season passes for our family last year.  When playoffs came around, one of the 2012 playoff games was played in Houston and we were able to go.

The crowd was so riled up, that it was almost scary being there.  Even though I felt a little fear while wading through the tons of people in the stadium with our kids, it was an experience of the lifetime!  I even think the nachos tasted better at that game!

This year the Houston Texans are on track again to make it to the playoffs once more and I just ordered our playoff tickets.  Last year when we attended the playoff game, there were tons of people there that were totally decked out in fan gear.  Our boys both had Texans jerseys, but my husband and I didn’t have anything special to wear to the game.  The playoff game is set for January and I am going to surprise my husband and myself with a Houston Texans NFL Jersey.  If the Texans make it to the playoffs, my husband will be able to wear his new NFL Jersey to the playoff game.  There is a chance that both games will be played in the Houston Reliant stadium, but if not, we’ll be able to at least see one of the games in our stadium.  If for some reason the Texans do not make it into the playoffs, he’ll still want to wear his Houston Texans NFL Jersey while watching Sunday and Monday night football with the kids.  He always looks through the stadium sportswear shops, and offers to buy items for the boys and I, but never buys for himself.

Check out my boys’ jerseys.  Each one is sportin’ their favorite player.

 Are you a football fan?  Which team do you back?  Does your family have matching jerseys or does everyone have their own favorite player?


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