A Few Dollars Can Save Time & Bring Smiles

You wouldn’t believe how much fun comes along with a few extra dollars spent on festive paper plates.  I use paper plates a lot to save time in the kitchen, but always buy the cheap, thin ones. My husband, on the other hand, likes to buy the more expensive, premium, thick, paper plates.  This drives me nuts, because once you eat on it, you are going to throw it away, so why not spend less money and buy the cheaper ones?

When it comes to appearance, I have to say that my husband’s choice of plates are  more appealing.

The other day my husband came back from the grocery with 2 packs of thick, premium paper plates with festive designs on them.  I was thinking about the price difference of the plates and my kids were so excited about using them at meals.  I tried to save those plates for the “messy” meals, but before I knew it, my kids were bypassing my “cheap plates” and going for the thick festive ones!  Ok, I have learned my lesson.  If I can bring some fun into our meals by purchasing the paper plates with designs over the holidays, it is worth it.  It adds a little Christmas cheer and brings a few smiles.  This doesn’t mean that I plan on buying these designed paper plates all the time, it just means that for the holidays, I will pick them up at the store just like I do the cheaper brand of napkins that have holiday designs.  Once the holidays are over, it’s back to the thin, cheap paper plates until the next holiday rolls around or my husband does the shopping.

These plates are fun too!  I bought them at Walgreen’s a few years ago, but they take you a little longer since you have to wash them.   Do you use special plates for the holidays?  What kind of paper plates do you purchase?  I know I am cheap, but I could be worse.  I saw an episode of Hoarder’s where a lady tore all of her cheap paper plates in half before placing them on the table for her family!!!

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