Should James Harden Shave?

My husband and 2 boys love to watch James Harden play basketball with the Houston Rockets.  I often sit and watch too and his beard drives me NUTS!  It is so thick, I can’t help but stare and wish he’d shave it off!

I didn’t realize that his beard was important to his game.  Have you heard his saying, “Fear The Beard?”

Which do you like, the beard or no beard? I could handle it if he’d “calm it down a little,” but the wild and wooly look drives me nuts, and makes me “fear the beard.” Please leave a comment and let me know which look you prefer for James?  Read this article, even his mom wants him to shave his beard!

5 thoughts on “Should James Harden Shave?”

    1. It is VERY unusual! Maybe he could just trim it up a little, but I guess “Fear the Beard” needs to be wild and woolly and not clean and cut:)

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