The Ultimate iPhone Case

I have found the ultimate iPhone case at  I have reviewed a few of their products and have been very pleased with everything that I have received from them.  Here’s my last review that I did for their Laptop Backpack.

If you are shopping for a new iPhone case, make sure you check out the case with the SmartFlex Card shown above.  This is the best phone case I’ve ever had.  It feels great to the touch, is my favorite color purple, which Speck calls “grape” and it has the ability to hold my credit card, drivers licence, cash or even “stiff” coupons.


Have you ever went out and needed to take money with you, but really didn’t want to lug around your purse, then this phone case is for you!  I don’t want to drag my purse around when I go to the gym and I certainly don’t want to leave it in the car.  This phone case allows me to bring my credit card / licence, etc. with me without the hassle of keeping up with my purse.  Face it, most of us do not go anywhere without our phones!

See how my gift card fits right in the back of my phone case.  This compartment is made so all your info is hidden, but it is always there when you need it.  I thought the “grape” color would keep my family from wanting to “share” my phone case, but my 12 year old son has decided that this case would be great for him to use in storing a few dollars when he is at his basketball games.  His phone case is secure and protects his phone, but it doesn’t have a cool compartment like my SmartFlex Card Case from Speck Products.


Here’s the secret to how this compartment “holds” your cards.  Check out the picture above.  Along with my favorite compartment, it also has easy access to the charger port where you don’t have to open an additional flap.  Make sure and check out the iPhone covers from Speck before you select the cover that is best for your needs.

Disclaimer:  Speck Products gave me this iPhone case in order to facilitate my review.

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