Meet Zach Ary: Our Elf On The Shelf

Have you heard about the Elf On The Shelf?

Zach Ary (Zachary, with first and last name) came home with us after visiting Grandma over Thanksgiving.  My 6 year old named him and doesn’t want anyone in the house to touch Zach Ary for fear that his elf magic will rub off!  Zach Ary came with a book, but I haven’t sat down to read it yet, but my son tells me that if anyone touches him, that his magic will leave so it is very important to only watch him.  I found the Elf On The Shelf On Amazon, but I also saw it displayed in the local bookstore.

Zach Ary’s magic moves him from place to place when we go to bed, so he may be in the kitchen one day and in the living room the next.  Every morning my son looks for Zach Ary before leaving school to make sure that his magic is still in tact.  Our dog Dakota almost got Zach Ary the other day because he chose to watch us from a spot that was right at Dakota’s nose level.  He has learned his lesson though and now he sits high up so that Dakota doesn’t take him for a ride around the house!

Check out one of his hiding spots.  I caught Zach Ary trying to wake up the deer so that he could take him  back home to live with Rudolph when it was time for him to go back to the North Pole.

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