Acrylic Nails: High Maintenance

Are solar nails really worth the time and money that goes into them?  I love the look of acrylic nails, also known as solar nails, and have tried twice to have these, but I just can’t handle the maintenance and bills that come with them.  I found myself at the nail salon having them filled in and fixed way too often and my pocketbook became lighter with every visit.  The kids hated waiting around for “mom” while she had her nails done and I couldn’t stay away from the salon for too long or my nails looked horrible with the large gaps that grew as the days passed.  Each time I took the nails off, it took months for my nails to grow back write without all the markings on my nail that formed under my “pretty nails.”

I loved the French Manicure look with silver glitter and also the ability to paint your nails and keep the color for long periods without it coming off.  My acrylic nails made me feel good about myself, except for the time when I was hanging out in the nail salon.  I still like the look of them, I just wasn’t made to be a high maintenance girl.

Are you a  high maintenance girl?  Do you have these “pretty nails?”

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