Are Thank-You Notes Important?

As the holidays come to an end and life gets back into its old, comfortable routines, I’m left with a daunting question: how important are thank-you notes?  With the ease of Facebook messages, emails, and text messages, are hand-written notes outdated or are they actually important when it comes to letting someone know we appreciate them?

For younger relatives and casual acquaintances, an online thank-you message for coming to a party, sending a holiday card, or dropping off cookies is usually sufficient, but when in doubt, send a handwritten card.  For more old-fashioned relatives and friends, I always try to write a thank-you note because I know it means a lot to them and lets them know how much I appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness.  Anytime someone gives an actual present, even if it was a mutual gift exchange, a thank-you card is important.

My kids love to make their own thank-you cards at home.  A bit of construction paper, glitter, and glue goes a long way in getting creative with thank-you notes.  If your kids are too young to write their own notes, help them draw a picture or put handprints on a blank card. Your relatives will be thrilled at the sweet, personalized touch.

You can also pick up inexpensive thank-you notes at your local Dollar Tree, Target, or Wal-Mart. Many thrift stores also carry unused packages of thank-you notes that you can take advantage of after the holidays!  If you don’t want to drop too much money on stamps, you can also send thank-you postcards.  A postcard has just enough room to write a brief message without getting too lengthy.  For an added touch, choose postcards from your hometown or even have postcards with your children’s picture on them printed up.

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  1. For me-an email thank you message is just fine–or a quick phone call–For my Mom-being from the OLD school-she gets really upset if she does not receive a written thank you note!! So it kind of is a generational thing!! When in doubt-send the card–even I get happy when I receive one!!

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