Should A Disaster Strike, Are You Prepared?

Always be prepared, a disaster can strike any day.  Taking a few steps to prepare for the unknown can make all the difference for you family.  Different types of emergencies require different types of precautions.  Take time as a family to come up different plans of action in case of an emergency.

Make a Basic Plan for Emergencies

Planning is everything.  For families with children it is important that they know the plan of action for each emergency.  Try to keep the plans as consistent as possible.  Choose a meeting place that you will pick up your children in case of emergency while they were at school. This spot is where you want them to wait until someone can get them.  It is better to be safe then sorry.  When you are deciding all of these little details, make sure that every member of the family is involved.  Make sure everyone is on the same page, and knows the basic plan.

Being Prepared

Keep your insurance, social security information and emergency cash stashed away in a place you can quickly get to it.  It is extremely important to have an emergency kit as well.  You will also need blankets and a second pair of clothes if at all possible.  On average every member of the family should have at least 3 days worth of food and water.  A day’s worth of water is approximately a gallon of water.  However, when trying to understand what an appropriate amount of food is it can be difficult.  You can only store non-perishable items.  A great option to help you prepare your emergency food is purchasing legacy food storage.  They offer different types of food that are freeze dried to help you store it.  It is important to go through your emergency kit periodically.  Switch out food if it has been in there for a while, and make sure that your water has not evaporated.  An easy way to store all of this is in backpacks that are easily accessible.

When disaster strikes it should not be total shock to you or your family.  Make sure that you talk about different disasters that are common in your area.  It can also be a good idea to have a drill or two, to see how well your children will remember the plan.  You can have these twice a year or so.  Make sure to involve your children in the planning.  Explain to them the importance of being prepared for disasters.  Be prepared for any disaster by making sure you are always prepared.

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