Would You Like An Automated Home?

Wouldn’t you like to have an automated home?  When watching movies, you may have seen the part where the home and appliances were automated.  People used to call it fiction, but the advancement home technology has been home automation a reality.  Anyone who sees how these homes operate wants to live in one.  Automation makes the house more attractive and increases its value in the long run.

Here are some reasons why it would be awesome to have home automation:

1. Convenience

Automated home means that functions such as turning of the lights, watering the flowers and setting the air conditioner at the preferred temperature would be performed themselves. This is going to save a lot of time.  You can also switch channels, make coffee, shut off the lights, and turn on the microwave with a single touch of a button.

2. Security

You can imagine the level of security that comes with an automated home.  Most thieves and burglars would hesitate to perform any crime, as the chances of getting caught would be high.  The home can be kept an eye on from any remote location, and you can even set notifications and reminders which will inform you of any activity that takes place.  The system can also be connected with a police office and fire departments.

3. Lower utility bills

An automated home saves a lot in utility bills because all the functions are optimized to let the home consume just the right amount of energy.  For example, backyard and indoor lights, cooling systems, entertainment system, thermostat and other appliances shut down automatically when they are not being used.  You can also set a certain time limit for them to work, reducing the consumption of energy when not needed.

4. Increases house value

Being an attractive addition, home automation increases the overall value of the house.  It can be leased, rented or sold off at attractive price.

Parents, especially moms, would love having one installed.  They can use it for their advantage, monitoring their kids while they are away or keep an eye on the baby sitter.  Advanced home automation systems include a smartphone application, which makes the monitoring process more convenient and simple.  Moms will have a piece of satisfaction as they can stay connected to their home and family from any remote location.

The research and advancements carried out in home automation have made them more realistic and affordable for an average home owner.


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