Bond With Your Child Over A Valentine’s Day Craft

A Fun Valentine’s Day Craft for Mom and Kids

Valentine’s Day is not merely reserved for couples having a candle-lit dinner over a bottle of champagne.  It can be a fun time of year for kids to bond with their mothers and make some fun crafts for the home.  When searching online for a flower provider, there are some great companies out there such as that offer a plethora of choices in flowers and packages to meet the needs of every holiday and special occasion.  Drop a hint to your husband to find such a place online, and be sure to tell him your intentions to make potpourri projects with the kids after the flowers have dried.  He may want to ask a customer service specialist to recommend a nice flower arrangement that can later be re-purposed for this fun project.

Waste Not…

Rather than throw out the flowers that the man in your life gave you for Valentine’s Day, there are a number of fun projects you can do with the dried out petals.  Aside from utilizing the key ingredient (your dried out posies), there are a few other things you will need.  In an article published by NBC News, the author advocates for particular oil that will enhance the scent of the potpourri and give it a much longer shelf life.  Oil is an essential ingredient, and there are LOADS of types and brands to choose from.  It is advisable to select a type that is either worthy enough to be mentioned in a popular news feature, or oil that receives good reviews from buyers on various online shopping sites.  Here is a short list of other items you will need:

·      Mortar and pestle
·      Unused, new wooden spoons
·      Glass mixing bowl
·      Eye dropper for adding the oil
·      Kitchen scale for precise measuring

Swell Smells

There is no set rule as to what you can put into your potpourri.  Most include dried lavender, orris-root  and a few drops of rose fixative.  Any fragrant flower petals will do, but most people use roses, geraniums and marigolds.  Also, cloves and rosemary are popular additions.  There are hundreds of recipes out there.  Once you have made your own potpourri enough times, you can experiment with different ingredients and eventually you will get your recipe just right.

Potpourri has many uses.  You can put it in a cloth satchel to place inside your dresser to scent your clothes.  Most people place it in glass bowls or vases to make the home smell nice and fragrant.  Some people will even mix it into their kitty’s litter box.  Potpourri is even a common thing to see on the bathroom sink.  It can also be put under the seat of your car to give it a burst of spicy goodness.

Have Fun! 

No matter how you decide to use your potpourri, the best part of the process will simply be the experience of taking those dried Valentine’s Day flowers and re-purposing them in a fun project with your kids.  This activity will teach them basic math skills, as well as help them showcase their creative sides.  But more importantly, you will be taking a symbol of one type of love, and turning it into a symbol of another between you and your kids.

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