Don’t Be Scared To Contact A Lawyer

Does the phrase “my lawyer” bring to mind images of courtrooms and judges?  If so, you’re certainly not alone.  Many moms are intimidated by the idea of hiring a lawyer, but the truth is that there are many reasons to hire a lawyer and they aren’t all bad. 

Lawyers don’t simply deal with criminal defense.  In fact, most lawyers don’t handle criminal defense at all.  Many lawyers handle real estate problems, divorces, or other family issues.  If you’ve ever had a friend who sorted out custody arrangements with an ex-spouse or you know someone who has had a will drawn up, chances are they consulted a lawyer to help them with the legal proceedings.

If you’re dealing with a serious issue concerning benefits and the law, chances are a lawyer can assist you with making sure you get the benefits you deserve.   A denial of benefits lawyer will be able to help you deal with your insurance company if you, your spouse, or one of your children have been denied your benefits.

You don’t have to be scared or intimidated to contact a lawyer.  Remember that lawyers deal with problems every single day and chances are that your lawyer has dealt with the same situation before.  Start your search for the right lawyer by searching your immediate area.  For example:  If you live in Florida, search Florida lawyer, if you live in Texas, search Texas lawyer or even search by town.   Remember to be confident, be yourself, and share as many details about the issue as you can.

If possible, bring as much documentation to your meeting as you can.  If your problem is a denial of benefits, bring copies of your insurance claim information and any letters you have received from your insurance company.  If your problem is related to a will or trust, again, paperwork is your friend so bring as much as you can.  Another great way to make sure that your meeting with your lawyer is as productive as possible is to make notes before you go to the meeting.  List any questions or concerns you may have so you don’t get overwhelmed and forget something important that you wanted to talk about.

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