DIY Minnie Mouse Party

Planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party is something that your daughter will certainly love, especially if she’s an avid fan of Minnie.  While there are plenty of party stores that carry full themed birthday packages, it’s often easier to put in a bit of planning and preparation and come up with crafty party ideas yourself.  Not only will your party have a more personalized touch, but you’ll save on party expenses and be able to spend more on presents!

Use card stock to design Minnie Mouse birthday party invitations.  Cut each invitation in the shape of Minnie’s head and use colorful pens or markers to fill out the invitation.  While many moms prefer to use Facebook to invite people to parties, sometimes a handmade invitation is really special and unexpected.

Ask each party guest to dress up in her favorite Minnie Mouse clothing.  You’ll be surprised by how creative some of your guests get!  One girl might show up in a polka dot headband while another comes in full costume.  Make sure to take lots of pictures and if you have a photo printer or Polaroid camera, consider sending each guest home with their picture.

Instead of baking a cake or paying for a specially designed Minnie Mouse cake, consider baking a batch of cupcakes and providing your party guests with different toppings.  Hold a contest to see who can make the “best” Minnie Mouse cupcake.  Don’t forget to include the adults in this one!  Provide toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate chips, licorice, and other types of small candy that your guests can use to create their masterpieces.

Most of all, remember to have fun!  Your Minnie Mouse party will be a success because of the importance of your child’s special celebration, not because of how fancy it is.

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