Do You Have Non Matching Socks?

I can remember playing the sock matching game when I was a kid.  My mom would get in the floor with a laundry basket full of mismatched socks and my sister and I would compete against her to see who could match the most pairs of socks.  Yes, it was a fun game, but I never realized how much that game helped her out until I had my own laundry basket full of mismatched socks.  Do you have one of these?

I can’t bring myself to throw these socks away and just keep digging through them in hopes of finding matching pairs.  Who knows, maybe that lost sock is still in the dirty clothes or hiding somewhere.  I did buy everyone new socks for Christmas, but I still can’t bear to throw my mismatched socks away, at least not yet!  My boys and I played the sock game tonight and did come up with at least 20 pairs of socks and I did find a few socks with holes that needed to be thrown away, but there are still ALOT of socks left in my “sock hamper.”

Do you have a sock hamper?  What is your system for keeping your pairs of socks together?

3 thoughts on “Do You Have Non Matching Socks?”

  1. Since I live by myself now–I simply buy the same socks so if one goes missing–no problem!! This would not work with more then one person–what if you wash each persons socks separately with their clothes?

    1. Well, we have 2 large hampers that are kept in the laundry room and all clothes go in there. One for towels and one for clothes. I was according to colors and all socks go in the whites:(

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