Exercise, Don’t Make Excuses

Do you like to do this?

I have a nice elliptical machine, but I don’t like to use it.  I get bored, walking on it and staring out the window for 30 minutes.

 Do you like to do this?

I get bored on the gym treadmill too.  You can’t walk real fast and read a book at the same time, or at least I can’t…LOL  I can’t hear the television and get bored reading the words running across the screens on the different screens.  The only thing I have found that holds my attention is listening to music from my cell phone.  I like to listen to iHeart Radio and my iTunes, BUT I don’t like riding the machines enough to “want” to go to the gym.

This is what I LOVE to do!!!

I love Body Pump classes!  I am addicted and feel bad if I miss my class.  This is the type of exercise you need to find.  You need to fine one that makes you look forward to it, you need a workout addiction!

And, I love to do this and so does my 6 year old!

This is suspension training which can be done in your home.  I learned how to use it at the gym and then bought one to keep at home. What do you like to do for exercise?  Have you exercised lately?

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