FamAlert Safety Review – Is It For You?

Now that the holidays have passed and vacation is over, the kids are headed back to school.  When they’re away from home, we could all use some extra reassurance and peace of mind.  There is nothing more important than their safety, especially when I’m not right there to help.  Recent events have really caused me to reflect on how I can do my very best to ensure a better child safety plan for my family.
What if my kids need me and I am not available?  What if my cell phone is out of range in a time of need?  These are just some of the questions I’ve gone over again and again and never came up with a sound solution until now.  
I recently learned about an amazing and affordable tool for emergency situations called FamAlert.  The service was founded by parents with these same concerns that I’ve had.  Within just a few minutes, you can virtually have a public safety grade infrastructure available to you with your own emergency contact phone number!  It’s a stress free way to get control right now!  With their technology, instead of choosing a few emergency contacts, the FamAlert system will contact everyone for you through ONE single emergency number!
This system will work faster and harder to reach you and who you choose when the caller dials this number.  You have full control of who you choose to add to your tiered contact lists.  There are three levels of contacts to create: Immediate, Backup and Last Resort. FamAlert will contact these people in order from Immediate contacts and working down to Last Resort until they reach someone.  The system will call each number in order attempting to connect the caller to you and your list.  The service will try to contact everyone, in the event that no one is available after 90 seconds, FamAlert will inform the caller that they should try another number.

How does this sound to you so far? Let me tell you exactly how to get started!
Signing up is so easy, it only took me a few minutes to get started.  (You can also take advantage of their free 30 day trial so you can ensure it’s the best fit for you.)  After entering some really basic information, you’ll need to verify your own phone number through a quick call back or text.  Then you’ll receive confirmation by email.  Congrats! Now, you have an account!  

The next step is to decide which package you would like, whether it be their free trial offer or a subscription.  Once you do that, its time to choose your emergency phone number.  I really liked that they let you choose out of several options, that way you can get a feel for what might be easiest for you to remember.  The last step is to create those emergency contact lists. Make sure to give your friends and family the heads up because they will need to verify their participation by email, voice or text.
The capabilities of FamAlert to connect your whole list of emergency contacts through one phone number is just remarkable.  It’s an affordable and a downright smart choice for any family looking to create a solid emergency system!
Want to get started?  Head over to www.FamAlert.com to get more information and sign up.
-You can get a free 30 day trial!
-Use coupon code BLOG20 to get 20% off your first 3 month or annual subscription!

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