Inexpensive Places to Find Pinup Clothing

One of the most up-and-coming clothing trends is pinup clothing, ranging from high heels and pencil skirts to Lucy dresses and curls.  Pinup clothing is not only very flattering to all body shapes, but is also something you can wear as business or play attire.  Do you love retro and vintage style dresses but hate the prices of professional pinup clothing stores?  There are actually several ways you can still dress in retro clothing without having to pay incredibly high prices for dresses and skirts.

Check your local thrift shop.
Many thrift shops have vintage clothing that has been donated by estates or people who simply don’t wear that clothing anymore.  While thrift shop prices may be inexpensive, chances are you may need to alter or update some of the pinup clothing you find there.  Don’t forget to calculate the price of a professional alteration into the cost of what you buy at a secondhand shop.

Don’t forget online auction sites.
Online auction sites regularly have pinup clothing available.  Some pinup clothing companies actually sell their damaged or outdated pinup clothing on auction websites as a way to move stock and clear up warehouse space, which means you can get large amounts of pinup clothing for next to nothing!  Many stay-at-home-moms and resellers also sell vintage and gently used pinup clothing online.

Explore your favorite regular clothing stores.
Sometimes your favorite “regular” clothing stores may have pieces you can put together to make pinup clothing.  Wal-Mart and Target regularly carry things like pencil skirts and blouses, while stores like Hot Topic now carry less costly retro dresses and pinup tops.  If you want to shop online, you can usually find a promotion code or coupon at these websites which will up your savings even more.

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