Find Time To Exercise

Have you ever wondered how some moms manage to do it all?  Sometimes juggling sports, after-school activities, work, and doctor’s appointments is too much to handle without even thinking about throwing in some “me” time to exercise.  That said, it’s a new year and most people have a resolution to either lose weight or become more fit.  It’s the perfect time to try to squeeze some exercise time into your schedule no matter how hectic your day may be.

A lot of moms suggest getting up before your family to exercise, but this never works in my house.  Someone inevitably hears me sneaking downstairs to turn on my Taebo DVD and wakes up earlier than expected.  Another alternative is to stay up after the kids to go bed and try to squeeze in a workout then, but at the end of the time, I’m often too tired to try to read my favorite book, much less do pushups.

So what’s a mom to do? One way that really works in my family is to find activities we can do as a family that incorporate physical movement and exercise.  Instead of watching a movie in the evening, why not go for a walk together around your neighborhood?  Instead of going to your favorite restaurant, consider spending time together on a nature hike, going swimming, or even playing a game of tennis.  Most cities have an assortment of physical activities that any family can enjoy with a bit of planning and preparation, and by spending time with your family while being physically active, you’re not only improving your health, but your family’s health, as well.

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