Glass Milk Bottle For Coins

What room in my house do you think this picture was taken from?

If you said the laundry room, then you are right!  I have cabinets above my washer and dryer and I wanted to show you my special coin jar.  It is a glass milk bottle that I cleaned out after my son was finished with the chocolate milk.  You can find these at the grocery and they make wonderful coin jars.   I check everyone’s pockets before washing clothes and all the change I find goes in my cool glass milk bottle.  It looks like a milk bottle from the the good ole days, but it can be found in the milk section at the grocery.  I also have one of these bottles in my bathroom closet for all the change that comes from hubbies pockets.  It is always great to have a stash of coins for a special treat or when you’re just low on cash.  What do you do with the coins you find in your laundry room?  Do you use them for something special or just throw them in your purse?

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