Hairs Suitable for Laser Hair Removal

I have seen many advertisements about laser hair removal, but have never had a personal experience with it.  When I saw this guest post come in, I knew that I wanted to share this info with you – Enjoy!

What Type of Hairs are Suitable for Laser Hair Removal

A medical procedure that is used to remove unwanted hair in various parts of the body, the laser hair removal makes use of an intense, pulsating laser beams to pass through the skin and target the hair follicle.  The laser beams produce intense heat, which damages the hair follicle and eventually, inhibits the hair growth.  Commonly treated areas of the body include the bikini line, chin, upper lip, armpits, and legs.  It is even possible to remove unwanted hair in almost any area of the body except for the eyelid and its surrounding area.  Laser hair removal provides freedom and self-confidence for those who are under the monotony of shaving, waxing, and plucking.

The efficiency of the laser hair removal depends mainly on the person’s characteristics, which include the hair type, skin type, and the pigment.  These factors determine the type of laser treatment to be used and the outcome of the treatment.  Previous laser hair removal systems are found more effective for people with lighter skin and darker hair.  Though they all can effectively reduce hair growth for all types of hair, it is unlikely to see permanent reduction on un-pigmented hair type such as blonde, red, and gray colored hairs after the laser treatment.  To obtain much benefit, about 1 – 3 month intervals of the laser treatment is needed.

Fortunately, modern laser hair removal systems now come with a range and precision of laser beams wavelengths, which offer numerous possibilities to all types of hair and skin.  These innovations in the laser hair removal industry allow many advanced laser clinics to tailor the therapy according to the patient’s condition in terms of the type of skin and hair.

Generally, the hair removal facilities calculate the effectiveness of the laser treatment by classifying the patient’s individual physical traits.  To determine the patient’s hair and skin pigment type, they use the Fitzpatrick Chart, which is comprised of six level indicators with descriptions from very pale to deeply pigmented skin and hair type.  Nevertheless, regardless of the skin and hair types, the results of the laser treatment for hair removal vary from one person to another.

Overall, laser hair removal is a medical treatment.  Hence, great caution should be taken before going through the procedure.  It is important to look for a qualified and highly trained clinician or beautician to perform the laser treatment.  Also, make sure that six weeks before the treatment, plucking and waxing the hair should be avoided.  Finally, after the laser treatment, sun exposure should also be avoided.

Authors Biography: Monica Dwyer is an experienced blogger and content writer specializing in the area of health and beauty.  She has written this article on behalf of who offers laser hair removal and waxing services in Dublin, Ireland.

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