Ways To Hand Out Business Cards

I found this on my driveway this morning.  This is a great way for this landscape company to advertise.  The pea rocks say “landscaping” and keep their business card from flying away all at the same time!

Here are a few tactics I have used to hand out my business cards:

  • Once I tried sending my business cards inside Christmas cards that were going to close friends and family with the thoughts of showing them my new venture.  You  know everyone sends out those yearly letters, why not show them my interests too.
  • I also keep cards in my purse and in my car so when I am asked for my contact info, I am always ready.  When you have kids, there is always another parent looking to car pool that can’t wait to get their hands on your phone number.
  • I have also used my business cards for make shift name tags on gifts.  I used a hole punch at the upper corner and used the back of the card to write the to and from info.
  • I have also placed a small stack of my business cards on the bathroom counter of a nice restaurant.
  • I have went around the grocery and left a “trail” of my business cards on the shelves where I shopped.  I had a lot of fun with this idea!

Here are a few tactics I have seen, but have never dare tried:

  • I have seen business cards stuck under windshield wipers and car windows in parking lots.
  • I have seen business cards on gas pumps where they are sticking out of the credit card slot.
  • I have bought 24 packs of soft drinks at the store and have found business cards laying inside the bottom of the box.

Have you ever handed out business cards?   If so, what strategy did you use in getting them into the right people’s hands.

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