How To Enjoy A Frugal Valentine’s Day

The current economy has left many people reeling, with job cuts and tax hikes causing everyone to tighten their purse strings. You might have to give traditional Valentine’s Day activities – such as a posh dinner in an expensive restaurant or weekend away in a lush hotel – a miss, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the romantic festivities altogether.  Here are just a few tips on how to get the most bang for your buck on Valentine’s Day:

Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home
Dining out on Valentine’s Day can be a tedious affair, with crowded rooms and lengthy waits.  Opt for a more intimate setting, and cook a delectable meal in the comfort of your own home.  Get a little cheeky with oysters and watermelon. And remember, don’t skip the dessert.

Save Electricity
Candlelit dinner, anyone?  As you’ll be cooking at home anyway, why not turn out the lights and enjoy the romantic ambiance of candlelight.  Other ways to save electricity include: keeping each other warm and singing to each other instead of putting a CD on.

Make Your Own Card
This’ll take you back to your primary school days, but your partner will love the extra effort.  Those tacky, generic cards you find in supermarkets smack of forgotten promises and a last minute dash, so do yourself justice and get crafty with some colorful card, glitter and ribbons.  And don’t forget the heartfelt message!

Find Affordable Flowers
There are plenty of ways to get your hands on some affordable Valentine’s Day flowers.  If you have flowers blooming in your back garden, pick out a few of the loveliest looking ones and assemble a pretty little bouquet yourself.  If you don’t have a garden to pick at, take a trip to your local florist and have a small selection of your loved one’s favorite flowers put together, instead of opting for the biggest, flashiest bunch you can get your hands on.

As you can see, with a little imagination, you and your loved one can enjoy all the wonderful things about Valentine’s Day without enduring any of the hardship and financial strain that it usually comes lumbered with.  You can still eat a delicious, romantic dinner, give each other sentimental gifts, and display a beautiful bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers on the mantelpiece.  You’ll probably have enough cash leftover for a scrumptious box of chocolates too.

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  1. I love those ideas. Valentine Day can be such an expensive day for most families. The flowers alone can set you back a few hundred. It is nice to have some other ideas of how to make the holiday special without feeling the guilt of spending extra money that might not be in the family budget.

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