When You Need A Lawyer

Sadly, many people yell “I’m calling my lawyer” every chance they get.  You’ve heard about dishonest people faking back and neck pains after a light fender bender because they see the opportunity at a few extra bucks.  This gives lawyers a bad name, but there are times when everyone can use an experienced lawyer.  My husband and I used a lawyer due to a foundation issue with a newly purchased home and also had him help us draw up our wills.  We want everything to be in place should something happen to us, so that the kids are taken care of by the people that we choose, not the people who might end up “taking them.”  Randy, our lawyer, even sat with us and helped my husband draw up his living will.  I didn’t want a living will, but he insisted and Randy didn’t know what to do as I saw there crying thinking about my husband and his wishes to be “unplugged” should anything happen to him.

So with that said, here are few more situations when knowing a lawyer would be useful:

Estate Planning
Estate planning—the planning of what will happen after you die—might feel morbid but it’s good to have plans in place.  Sure you could simply jot these ideas down somewhere but if you want to make sure that your instructions get followed and that all of the details are taken care of, you should hire a lawyer.  A lawyer is especially helpful for the division of assets, particularly if your family and loved ones tend to be confrontational and competitive.  Furthermore, if you have specific linguistic needs such as speaking a different language then you can seek the assistance of Spanish lawyers in Florida for example, who can provide expert guidance and legal support tailored to your circumstances.

Domestic Issues
Hiring a lawyer to serve as an intermediary is just good sense when it comes to domestic issues.  Do not let your partner try to convince you that hiring a lawyer will just make things worse. Working with a law firm – such as Freedom Family Law – helps you ensure that your interests are protected, particularly where matters of violence and/or child custody are concerned.

Whether you are the victim of a crime or are being accused of or are arrested for committing a crime, having a lawyer who can provide expert defense against criminal charges on your side is important.  Lawyers will make sure that you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself or put your case in danger.

Legal Documents
Lawyers can easily draw up legal documents for you.  When a lawyer sets everything up for you, you will be assured that everything is officially drawn up and legally written.  Sometimes it is best to let the professionals do this instead of trying to cut corners and write it up yourself.

Hiring a Lawyer
Hiring a lawyer can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t ever done it before.  Don’t simply pick the first lawyer you find online or in the phone book.  Do a little bit of research and take advantage of any free consultations, like the ones offered through http://www.killinofirm.com, that you can find.  The free consultation is a great way to get a feel for your prospective attorney and to find out whether or not he will be a good fit for you and for your case.

Do not ever let someone intimidate you out of hiring a lawyer if you think you need one.  If you want a lawyer, go hire one.  For that matter if you have even a tiny inkling that you might need to have an attorney on your side, get one lined up to represent you.  When dealing with the law it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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