I Do Not Recommend Using PromoCode4Share

I make it a point to search for promo codes when shopping online and was recently approached by PromoCode4Share.  Their contact Phuong wanted me to tell you about their PromoCode4Share site and how you could benefit from using their PromoCode4Share promo codes.  I spent time browsing their PromoCode4Share deals in order to share this site with you and after my work was done, Phuong was nowhere to be found, therefore he never followed through with his end of the deal.  If this is a sign of how they run their business over at PromoCode4Share, then I would definitely find another promo code site to frequent.   Here are a few of my favorite promo code sites:  Coupon Cabin and Retail Me Not.

Whether you’re a dual income family or you make it with just one breadwinner, saving money can be a challenge.  It’s still the New Year season, so quite a few people are still putting the finishing touches on their New Year’s Resolutions.  Is yours to start saving money, learning to budget better, or to get out of debt?  If you’re like me and you want to try to save money, you may feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of coupon websites, budgeting books, or money saving workshops and conferences that are offered.  Fortunately, whether or not you want to learn to clip coupons and whether or not you have the time to scour your weekly newspaper for new deals, there are a number of ways you can save money right at home.

First of all, don’t shop unless you actually need to buy something.  While this seems like a simple idea, most women realize that shopping can be very therapeutic!  If you’ve had a bad day, are stressed with work, or need a break from your kids, try to find a productive way to channel your anxiety rather than rushing to shop.

Secondly, try to shop online as much as possible.  Shopping online often reduces the chance that you’ll make an impulse purchase at the register.  While it’s still possible to overspend when you’re shopping from home, the truth is that online shopping often minimizes the amount of things you’ll end up buying.  Before you check out, ask yourself “Do I really need this?  Will I use this?  Is this a good deal?”

Finally, always look for an online promotion code or promo code before you shop online.  Many of your favorite stores offer regular coupons for online customers that can instantly save you money at the register.  There are many great websites that are full of coupon codes or promo codes that you can use at online stores.  That means no searching newspapers, no cutting coupons, and no more paper cuts!   It is amazing how many fantastic online coupons and promo codes you can find.

There are plenty of ways you can reduce your spending and start saving money right at home. With a little extra effort and a tiny bit of planning, you’ll be able to watch your savings account grow.

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  1. I do prefer on-line shopping but since I lost weight I have no idea what size I wear lol–I have today off and was thinking of going to Kohl’s to try on various apparel just for sizing–ok maybe I will buy a pair of pants that actually fit-I do need something to wear for the interviews I’ll be going on! Once I figure out sizes I will go back to buying on line–I noticed some really great coupon deals when I went in to check out this site.

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