Quick Dinners in a Pinch

Do you have an unexpected house guest coming over?  Did your husband just call to let you know his boss will be over for dinner tonight?  Did your neighbor just tell you she’s feeling lonely and doesn’t want to spend the evening by herself?  Making dinner in a pinch doesn’t have to be stressful or terrifying with these go-to dinners that anyone can make.  Just make sure you keep extra ingredients on hand in your pantry and you’ll be ready for anything life throws at you.

Chicken and Veggies
Nobody can hate chicken and veggies.  Keep an extra whole chicken in your freezer for emergencies, or, if you have time, pick up a fully cooked rotisserie chicken at your local grocery.  Serve with seasoned vegetables, a fresh salad, and garlic bread.

Vegetable Lasagna
If you aren’t vegetarian but some of your friends are, consider keeping a frozen vegetable lasagna in your freezer for quick dinner emergencies.  Serve with French bread and a fresh salad.  If you don’t have salad on hand, consider offering raw veggies with different dipping options for your guests.

Homemade Pizza
Does your guest have kids who are picky eaters?  Keep a homemade pizza kit on hand for such times!  Just add water to make the crust and top with the included sauce.  You’ll need to keep some cheese on hand for this one and any other toppings you may want.  Fortunately, you can freeze shredded cheese to keep on hand if you don’t eat cheese on a regular basis.  You can serve pizza alone or offer vegetables or sliced fruit for your guests.

Serving ice water is always acceptable at dinners, but if you’re worried your guests won’t like it, consider keeping a few 2-liters of soda or tea on hand to serve to unexpected company.

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